About Me

Toyah WordsworthToyah's Mum knew there was something 'not quite right' as Toyah went through childhood. Toyah faced the usual childhood and teenage tribulations, and was unable to give a reason for falling over and clumsiness. Toyah began to realise too, that there were things her friends could do that she couldnít. After several years of trying to find an answer, she was eventually diagnosed with Friedreichís Ataxia the debilitating condition at age of thirteen. This was very confusing period, and it was only after much research, as she was approaching adult hood, did the true meaning of this condition become clear.

She is one very determined lady who went through mainstream school, college and onto university where she gained a post graduate certificate modules 1 & 2 in disability studies. Toyah has travelled all over the world and passionately takes on the system to fight for disabled rights and win. The way Toyah lives her life she is an inspiration to people with or without a disability. She believes that anybody can achieve, and change anything in their life, and the words I canít aren't part of her vocabulary. Toyah hopes this training will offer you inspiration to live your life without barriers who ever you are.

Being disabled has taught Toyah that although she might have to use a different approach to achieve things, everything and anything is possible, she proves this in amazing ways. In her inspiring and motivational Disability Equality Training/Workshops, participants will not only want to make changes to their views and opinions of who and what disables a person. Toyah is very passionate about teaching this particular subject, she often uses a board game 'Removing Barriers' as a teaching aid within workshop. 'Removing Barriers' is often used to promote discussion and to deliver training to all age groups about the barriers faced by disabled people.

Toyah Wordsworth will provide you with the best quality training to ensure you are learning skills of DET at the highest possible level..

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